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Sum Assured

Questions related to sum assured

1 Answers
What is Sum Assured?
It is your monthly premium multiplied by twelve. E.g., A premium of N5,000.00 X 12 = N60,000.00 which is your Sum Assured.


Questions related to premium

2 Answers
What is Premium Amount?
It is the amount you pay either weekly or monthly (Monthly must be a minimum of N5,000.00).
It is the amount of money you are paying immediately as you collect and sign the form. It could be for a month or additional months.


Questions related to terms/duration

1 Answers
What is the policy duration?
This policy is a one-year policy.

Mode of Payment

Questions related to mode of payment

1 Answers
What is the mode of payment?
You either pay by cheque or by transfer.