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Co-op loan Protection

This policy is targeted at Co-operative societies who give out loans to their members. This policy pays the outstanding loan obtained from a co-operative society at the instance of the insured member being unable to pay back the loan due to death or having suffered a permanent disability. To be eligible for this protection, the member would not be expected to have any additional insurance cover against the same risk.

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Credit Insurance

This policy is to protect individuals who collect loans from financial institutions who give out loans maximum of two million (N2 Million) to their customers. The policy pays the outstanding loan balance. The policy also pays where the policyholder loses the job. The Sum Assured under this plan is the outstanding loan amount. Where the policyholder is hospitalized the policy also pays the instalments that fall due within this period subject to a maximum duration as described in the policy document. Download Credit Insurance Form

Esusu Plan

This policy is designed to encourage low-income individuals to save towards acquiring home and business assets. It relieves worrisome by being able to reduce the financial burden.

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Welfare Plan

This is an annually renewable policy which provides a lump sum benefit to the beneficiary(ies) of a deceased member of an organization/association/clubs where the death occurs(s) during the policy term. It enables the dependents of the policyholder to continue to live their normal lives as when (if) he was still alive.

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Group Life Plan

The policy is targeted at Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (SME’s) which provide cover for any small organization that has three (3) or more staffs. This policy pays out a stipulated lump sum in the event of death of the member.

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